We experience our environment in 3D. It’s the most intense and natural way of perceiving information. To make this reality possible, we strive to make simple and accessible 3D available to the consumer. Therefore all that we do is based on this. For this reason we see auto-stereoscopic displays are the future of 3D technology The increasing number of 3D applications in both the consumer and the professional market is strong proof of this. We are convinced that 3D without glasses will be the true breakthrough. That’s why we work passionately every day to optimize our technology and displays, so that you can experience 3D in an especially comfortable way: without glasses. Dimenco offers end-to-end 3D auto-stereoscopic solutions that include autostereoscopic 3D displays, components, software, content conversion and consultancy services for professional and consumer applications. We strive to become the leading 3D technology company in the world by offering the best and most convenient 3D experience – no glasses required.

DCV Technology

50 inch QFHD 3D

Dimenco – App

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