We bring reality

Seeing is believing

Since our foundation in 2010, we have become the world’s leading company in our field, by offering the best and most convenient 3D experience – no glasses required. So how do we make the magic happen?

Depth perception is created by bonding a specially developed lenticular overlay to an LCD screen, in such a way that projected light is transmitted in different directions. Introducing interference into what each eye perceives results in the perception of depth on a flat surface. The observer’s left and right eye see different images on the display, which the brain fuses into single image, without requiring cumbersome, inconvenient 3D glasses. Dimenco’s 3D technology allows viewers to sit anywhere in a room and see a customizable 3D image. This is easy on the eyes and can be watched from different angles.

In addition to the design of the lenticular overlay and optical bonding to an LCD, the technology developed by Dimenco also encompasses 3D image processing. Dimenco also offers vast experience in industrial 3D display and component manufacturing.

Lenticular graphic