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Visual credit: Asus
Several brands have embraced the Built-on SR technology in their laptops and displays. Since 2022 'Built on SR' is found in several consumer products, on top there is a strong pipeline of new products hitting the marketplace in 2023.
Dimenco  – as a pioneer in the 3D display market, we have developed our SR Pro, 32 inch 8K display that fully demonstrates the abilities of Built-on SR, including hand tracking to further enhance the virtual immersion
Acer – worldwide renowned computer manufacturer launched their SpatialLabs editions in 2021, leading to a strong portfolio with their ConceptD, Predator and Acer brands. 
ASUS – in 2023 ASUS, another renowned computer manufacturer will join the Build-on SR franchise with there Spatial Vision editions, the 1st OLED based laptops with Build-on SR technology. More news will follow soon.
zSpace – a leader in the educational market with solutions in VR and AR domain, in 2021 successfully swapped their existing immersive education solution for our SR proposition with their Inspire series, providing educational programs to kids between 8-12 years old. 
Barco - Implemented a 3D surgical display in OR in cooperation with EchoPixel.
Onsor – this Oman based manufacturer will launch an educational 14 inch laptop in 2023. More news will follow soon.
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