Simulated Reality is going Pro.

The SR Pro Display

32" 8K SR Display technology combines advanced hardware and software to visualize any 3D and spatial form like never seen before.


The Built on SR light field display system creates a natural sense of volume and depth that can be experienced without the need for additional glasses or headsets.

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32" 8K Light field display

Simulated Reality brings presence to what can't be present.


Simulated Reality 3D technology brings the digital to life, giving a natural presence to otherwise static and flat images, allowing you to experience it in the real world.

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The breakthrough light field display can be experienced by all. Once you position yourself in front of the display you’re immediately and undoubtedly immersed, experiencing a new reality - Simulated Reality. This 3D display technology delivers a comprehensive taste of the future of human-computer interaction.


No wearables.
One peripheral: 


The perfect fit in your workflow

Presenting your work in Simulated Reality


The SR Pro Display is clearly designed as a desktop product, where the design will contribute to an easy adaptation and make it a natural fit in any current workflow you might have. Being it at home or the office. 

With its lightly brushed fully aluminium housing it sophistically reflects the surroundings of where the display is placed. Nicely blending into the surroundings where it's placed.


All 3D content available works on the SR Pro Display, out of the box.

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