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Available August

The All New SR Pro 2


The Best glasses free 3D experience built on Simulated Reality display technology.


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At your
At your
At your

Eye tracking technology

See 3D from any position

Dimenco's Built on SR Technology includes eye-tracking technology that allows you to see 3D images from different viewing positions, for a truly immersive spatial experience. Our dual cameras precisely track the position of each eye for real-time rendering and dynamic 3D image adjustment as you move your head. Get ready to be amazed by truly immersive 3D images from multiple viewing positions.

Benefits of Simulated Reality

Eye-wear Free
Naturally Immersive 
No heavy gear, jump on and off in seconds. User-friendly and direct-play​
Resolution up to
See the finest detail

New spectrum of depths, textures, and lights; spatial technology brings the digital world to life.

No Compromise (switchable)

Infinite 3D content, convert any 2D content, seamlessly switch from 3D to pristine 2D quality​

Several brands have embraced the Built-on SR technology in their laptops and displays. Since 2022 Built on SR is found in several consumer products, on top there is a strong pipeline of new products hitting the marketplace in 2023.​

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