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"It's the software, stupid!"

The Simulated Reality 

Model Viewer

Turn any 3D content into an SR experience.
As one of the simplest and most powerful visualization tools, the SR Model Viewer makes possible to load common 3D files and display them in SR devices. Use your designs, or download them from the internet. The SR model Viewer will let you navigate, look around, and experience the object in a fully realistic virtual experience.

Designs courtesy of Studio Sabine Marcelis

Show your work.
Use the SR Model viewer during your creative workflow or for a novel and different way of showcasing your creations. With the power of SR you don’t need to build endless prototypes. Your work will show up in front of you as it will be in real life.
Next level 3D technology supported by all major visualization tools.
Using both eyes.
The SR platform enables the reproduction of a natural perspective for each eye. So you can look around the object as you will do with a physical one. Quick pro-tip: use high definition textures in your object to make it an even nicer and more realistic experience.

The unique SR eye-sensing technology uses high-speed vision sensors and face tracking algorithms to enable super immersive and natural experiences that are far beyond conventional 3D displays on the market. This technology allows the user to look around any virtual object like never possible before. Up to full 8K resolution.

From LiDAR to SR in a single mouse click.
The SR Model Viewer that comes pre-installed on any SR 3D display device is a developed system that is built to play nice together with the latest hardware like the Apple iPhone 12 Pro.

Image courtesy of Apple Inc.

iOS LiDAR scanner apps are fully supported


3D Videos

Scandy Pro
3D Scanner
3d Scanner App™
LIDAR Scan in 3d
LiDAR 3D Scanner
Welcome to SR.
The SR Model Viewer is the easiest way to visualize your 3D objects. Simply right-click the file, and select Open in SR. Your creation will be floating in front of you in seconds. 
All major 3D Model Marketplaces are supported.

Modeled in Blender. Downloaded from Sketchfab

Navigate in depth.
The model viewer gives you different ways to navigate around the object. You can zoom, pan and rotate the object as in other visualization tools. What’s different? You can change the depth of the object: move it inside the display to resemble a virtual window, or make the object float in front of the display.

On the Smithsonian Discovery model page, in addition to viewing, you can download a variety of 3D model file types and adjust quality levels for viewing offline. The Smithsonian huge file repository has embarked on a Creative Commons Zero path for this collection, what they call Open Access models and there are 2,000-plus models.

Simulated Reality turns your complex projects into simple experiences.

The Simulated Reality development kit is packed with cutting edge spatial 3D display technologies. It’s the best tool we have ever created to make you able to develop nothing less than future-proof killer visualisations


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