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The Simulated Reality 

Development Kit

The worlds first interactive 3D Light Field 8K display.

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Visual by Engine9

Full 3D Look-around without wearables.
Patented eye-tracking technology uses vision sensors and face recognition algorithms to give the user a full look-around 3D view from all angles.
8K 3D Display.

Immersive stereoscopic 32" 3D display technology in full 8K resolution, without the need for any wearables

Built in spatial sound speaker array.

For virtual object-based 3D sound experiences. Sounds can be perceived from all directions, as they are coming directly from the virtual objects.

Built in hand tracking.

Enabling total freedom to interact with 3D objects in a virtual environment without the need for any wearables. A true natural user experience.

*Video shot by smartphone. No special effects used.


Create and invent like
never possible before.

Simulated Reality turns your complex projects into simple experiences.

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The Simulated Reality development kit is packed with cutting edge spatial 3D display technologies. It’s the best tool we have ever created to make you able to develop nothing less than future-proof killer visualisations

Simulated Reality empowers progressive minds that work in 3D.

Next level 3D technology supported by all major visualization tools.

The power of visualization.

(from every angle)

When it comes to visualization, we don’t want anything to get in the way of an engaging natural experience. That’s why our SR  technology eliminated the use for any wearables, uncomfortable headsets and any other gadgets that put a barrier between you and your work.

Simulated Reality
  • Zero friction

  • No headgear

  • Natural user experience

  • Highest hygiene factor
    (over other XR technologies)

Eye Sensing Technology.

Serving the viewer a full look around 3D depth effect.

The unique SR eye-sensing technology uses high-speed vision sensors and face tracking algorithms to enable super immersive and natural experiences that are far beyond conventional 3D displays on the market. This technology allows the user to look around any virtual object like never possible before.


Hand tracking technology.

To enable a natural and intuitive interaction with stereo content, the Simulated Reality Development Kit has built in Leap Motion technology by Ultraleap. Leap Motion offers the most advanced mid-air hand tracking to provide this feature in the most comfortable way.


Our API includes the functionality offered by the Leap and it is included in our SDK. -Leap Motion technology integrated.

A true natural user experience without any learning curve.

Hardware Specifications

Simulated Reality Development Kit
  • Dimenco clear view lenticular lens - 32” 8K 3D panel

  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti

  • Intel i7 8700 (6-cores @ 3.2-4.2 GHz)

  • 2x Eye tracking sensor

  • Hand tracking sensor

  • Spatial sound 12 speaker array + LFE

  • 1Gb ethernet + WIFI

  • 4 x 3.0 USB


More Technical information 

Download the SR DevKit Technology Deck.
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We're turning science fiction into fact.

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