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Our digital signage solution

Introducing our ‘glasses-free’ digital signage solution

Need to get your marketing messages across effectively? Introduce powerful educational tools? Support the medical community with innovative imaging? Empower your communications with Dimenco’s stunning 3D digital signage solutions.

Dimenco digital displays help you reach customers in more engaging way. Research proves our 3D displays retain viewers’ attention for 44% longer than a 2D display - and 550% longer than not using a display at all. The enhanced entertainment experience has been shown to boost viewer enthusiasm and engagement. Increased audience immersion results in an improved attitude towards your product and brand. For point-of-sale locations that means customers are more motivated to make purchases, yielding 8% revenue growth!

    Differentiated displays

  • World’s first 4K ‘glasses-free’ 3D signage solutions
  • Easy to set up, use and transport
  • Full brightness and contrast, true colors, deepest black levels
  • Stunning quality at 3840×2160 pixel resolution
  • Best in class lens design and image processing
  • Simultaneous multi-view 3D experience
  • Significantly enhanced audience engagement
  • Thinnest ‘glasses-free’ 3D display on the market
  • Unique combination of technologies
  • Best depth performance, widest viewing angle
  • Lowest crosstalk
  • Easy content conversion and creation
  • Attention-grabbing enhanced entertainment experience
  • Boost Point of Sale revenue
  • 44% customer attention increase

"Dimenco did a great job for us. They helped make our highly complex work clear for our customers"