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SR App Store Updates

While you have been playing hard, we have been working hard behind the scenes to improve your SR App Store experience!

What's New?

Firstly, It’s faster! Faster loading, faster navigation and faster response times!

For the App creators and vendors

New payment and invoice system

With the SR App Store you can create your app, upload your creation, and make some money! As an SR Appstore vendor you can now sell your creations to users, just name your price! You can ask for a once off charge, a subscription, or if you are feeling extra generous you can even offer your app for free! All options are now possible with the latest App Store update!

New App Updating & Editing Possibilities

Already have an app published in the App store? That’s pretty cool! What is even cooler is that you can now update and alter your app directly through the App Store, no need to get us involved! This means you can keep your app performing and looking its best by updating your app regularly, giving users the best possible experience!

For the App Store visitors & game enthusiasts!

Improved Scaling

Have you ever experienced scaling issues when switching between your desktop and your laptop? Not anymore! With new and improved scaling you can now experience this switch without compromising the resolution or quality of your experience!

New Payment Methods

Considering making a purchase? Sounds like a great idea! We have made your life a little easier (or harder, you decide!). You can now save your payment method to make that future impulse App purchase a little easier… you’re welcome.

Experience the fun for yourself!

Visit the App Store Now!

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