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Simulated Reality at Dutch Design Week 2020

Turn online into reality. How can we still experience real objects without being physically present? Within this digitally-driven society, can we still have an intimate art experience? When we first met Sabine Marcelis, we were amazed by her enthusiasm to discover new paths, new mediums, new ways of interacting with her designs & installations. Not fear of innovation but actually real embracement. An amazing work Dimenco totally recommends to anyone interested in design & experience. Our development team spent years perfecting our Light-Field display technology. Their aim was to redefine the conventional limits of "realism" in the world of spatial computing. The result was the creation of the highly advanced Simulated Reality (SR) technology and launching the new SR Development Kit. Now visionary designers can integrate the timeless character of genuine premium materials within cutting-edge hi-tech industrial design. Forming this bridge between visualizations past, present and future is precisely the role Dimenco hopes to serve in the world of contemporary product design.

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