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Simulated Reality

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The World's Most Advanced 3D Display Technology

The 27th of May brought with it the new Acer product reveal, and here at Dimenco, the home of Simulated Reality, we are excited! Why? Because this means more of you get to experience what we have been working on.

What is Simulated Reality?

For the tech junkies: It is light field 3D display technology, with a resolution of up to 8K in 60 fps and it does not require any wearables, meaning you do not need to worry about wearing glasses or holding any gadgets, once you sit in front of the display, you are immersed.

For the rest of us: One word: Unbelievable!

SR truly is a taste of a new reality, the experience which accompanies the use of this futuristic technology is like nothing most have witnessed before. You could say it is almost difficult to comprehend but in the best way possible. After trying Dimenco’s Simulated Reality technology for the first time (and after stupidly trying to grab the objects coming out of the screen) I recognized the depth and complexity of this technology and the endless uses this technology offers for so many industries and individuals.

Simulated reality helps bring concepts, visions, and ideas to life. It enables the user to have an unobstructed, clear, interactive experience with whatever it is they want to view. Whether you want to study an anatomical structure for an exam, plan every detail of that dream house you want to build, or even just immerse yourself in the world of gaming in a completely new way, it is now possible!

What better way to explain the structure of something than to show it? What better way to understand the process of something than to visualize it? Items, concepts, models, and structures no longer need to take physical form before we can truly interact and inspect them. Utilizing SR can provide new opportunities to comprehend scale, volume, and surface area and study detail in a new and more interactive manner. This means big things for the education, medical, architectural, and engineering industries (to name a few).

Until this point, our Dev kits have been a huge success and as more people and companies get the opportunity to experience Simulated Reality; more want it. That is why today is an exciting day for us. Today marks the announcement date for a new product by Acer, the ConceptD Notebook, due to release later this year. This laptop boasts an array of impressive features but one we, at Dimenco, are proud of is the integration of Built on SR in the form of SpatialLabs. Making this laptop the first XR product without using wearables.

Check the video below to see how the Dimenco team explain Simulated Reality and what it means to be #BuiltOnSR


About Dimenco

With origins in Royal Philips Electronics, Dimenco has been leading the spatial visualization market since 2010. The company, based in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, aims to push the boundaries to achieve the dream of simulated reality – one of the world’s biggest developments in 3D. Dimenco unites hardware, software and technology to deliver fast, rich and natural three-dimensional experiences – no wearables required. Its open approach to the possibilities of spatial computing will result in totally new ways of interacting with a display, exceeding industry expectations. Inspired by a future filled with holograms, Dimenco is taking simulated reality out of the realm of science fiction and turning it into reality.

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