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Dimenco Takes TNW 2023 by Storm, Thanks to KPN Ventures!

Dimenco, who developed the glasses-free 3D display technology, received a special invitation from KPN Ventures to attend the thrilling TNW 2023 event in vibrant Amsterdam. with immense gratitude, Dimenco seized the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary technology and bring a touch of magic to the event.

KPN Ventures, a leading venture capital firm who have supported Dimenco for the last five years. Recognising the interest of glasses free 3D displays of Dimenco's glasses-free 3D displays, KPN Ventures extended their hand and invited the company to join them at their booth during the TNW 2023 event, ensuring a memorable presence for Dimenco and KPN Ventures.

The TNW (The Next Web) Conference, a playground of innovation and creativity, was the perfect stage for Dimenco to showcase their captivating technology. With their vibrant presence, Dimenco lit up the event and left a lasting impression on attendees.

Dimenco's true charm lies in their exceptional glasses-free 3D display technology, which takes visual experiences to new heights. By eliminating the need for clunky glasses, Dimenco's displays offer a seamless and immersive journey into the third dimension. From gaming realms to automotive adventures, captivating advertisements, and mind-blowing educational content, Dimenco's technology adds that extra dimension to any viewing experience.

Dimenco extends their sincere appreciation to KPN Ventures for the incredible invitation to participate in TNW 2023. It was a wonderful experience to team up with the KPN Ventures team and work together to show what the future of technology looks like – which is Simulated Reality.

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