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Dimenco receives €10M in grant and funding from European Innovation Council

Updated: Jan 9

Over the past year our CFO, Peter Janssen has been working hard to be selected out of 1,000 companies to receive funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) to help push Dimenco and our technology, built on SR into the next level. With great success we were one of the 78 companies.

About The European Innovation Council (EIC)

The EU's goals for deep tech innovation are greatly helped by the EIC. It is building a pipeline of new ideas and assisting Europe's most promising deep tech companies and scaleups with a budget of over EUR 10 billion with a mission to uncover, support, and scale up deep tech innovations. Over 1,600 businesses have received help to date from the 27 EU member states.

How the funding helps Dimenco

In the last few years, Dimenco (we) has been working hard on developing a 3D solution that can be integrated in laptops and monitors, that works well for all OEMs. We call this technology “Simulated Reality”, which enables people to be able to experience the everyday in 3D via a display. This grant will now provide us the opportunity in the next 2 years to upgrade and fine tune our technology and develop it into a full product that can in turn enter multiple markets segments.

After two years, once we have succeeded in producing a completed product, the EIC will participate in an investment round for max €7.5M. This will create an opportunity for us to make our technology usable across mobile and tablets, which will enable us to break into a larger markets and multiple segments, such as education and healthcare.

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