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Dell introduces Minecraft in Simulated Reality at BETT 2023

The BETT event is one of the world's largest and most prestigious gatherings of education technology professionals and enthusiasts. Held annually in England, this event brings together educators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from around the globe to explore the latest technological innovations and trends in education. With a focus on transforming teaching and learning through technology.

Dell showcased an exciting and innovative approach to education at BETT by demonstrating Minecraft in 3D using Dimenco's Simulated Reality (SR) technology. This technology has the potential to revolutionise the way students learn and understand complex concepts by immersing them in a spatial 3D Minecraft world. Students can explore and interact with the environment in a more engaging and interactive way, making learning more effective and enjoyable. This demonstration at BETT was a huge success, showcasing the potential of technology to enhance the educational experience. By bringing together cutting-edge technology and educational content, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, and Dimenco are leading the way in creating immersive and interactive learning experiences for students of all ages.

What is Simulated Reality

Dimenco's SR technology is a glasses-free, autostereoscopic display technology that creates a 3D visual experience without the need for special glasses. It uses a lenticular lens system to create multiple viewpoints, allowing viewers to perceive depth and dimensionality within the display. This technology can be integrated into a variety of devices.

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