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Blink Technologies and Dimenco Announce Strategic Partnership.

PALO ALTO, CA – OCT 25, 2020 – Blink and Dimenco are pleased to announce a global strategic partnership, combining Blink’s industry leading eye-tracking software platform with Dimenco’s advanced glasses-free 3D display technology, Simulated Reality (SR), which is setting a new standard for visualization.

SR, utilizes light field technology, enabling full look-around three-dimensional visuals without eyewear; which requires an affordable and accurate eye tracking solution essential to accommodate a natural viewing experience for the user.

The Blink-Dimenco partnership brings together state of the art 3D displays experience utilizing deep skills in business and innovation strategy, product ideation and technology development.

“Partnering with Dimenco will integrate our advanced and innovative “A-Eye” gaze-tracking software with their award-winning Simulated Reality machines, which will produce a novel way of interacting across these devices,” says Preston Phillips, Chief Commercial Officer for Blink. “Dimenco has been able to reshape our visual thinking through their ground-breaking display technology, and we can now help take that experience to the next level, by engaging a user’s eye for control and total navigation.”

“Creating an experience you cannot distinguish from reality - without any wearables is our vision that we live day by day. To achieve this, we carefully select companies that are best in class, Blink has proven to be just that.” says Maarten Tobias, Chief Executive Officer for Dimenco. “Partnering with Blink has helped us to get closer to this vision and we look forward to extending our partnership and activities the coming years. Welcome to SR.”

As an expression of commitment to the partnership, Blink and Dimenco are currently working on an early 2021 launch that will revolutionize one of the most popular tech devices in the market today.

By virtually connecting Dimenco’s multiple lines of business with Blink’s deep next-gen technology and engineering expertise, the collaboration represents a dramatic change in the way both businesses address market needs.


Blink’s vision is to create the ultimate interaction between the human eye and the world around us. With our eyes being the last defensible feature of our owned-IP, we use it to develop advanced AI based software that vastly improves our ability to communicate and interact with everyday life challenges.

Focused on several industry verticals, including Mobile-devices, Automotive, Retail, Consumer Goods, Security & Privacy, Blink is leading the way in developing “A-Eye” technology for the modern world.


With origins in Royal Philips Electronics, Dimenco has been leading the spatial visualization market since 2010. Our mission is to push boundaries and achieve the dream of simulated reality – one of the world’s most significant developments in 3D. We unite hardware, software and technology to deliver fast, rich and natural three-dimensional experiences – no wearables required. Our open approach to the possibilities of spatial computing will result in totally new ways of interacting with your display, exceeding industry expectations

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