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Beyond Gaming: Game Technologies Unite for Safer Roads at ADAS2023 Stuttgart

Dimenco, a leader in 3D technology, has recently made significant strides in bridging the gap between the real and virtual driving worlds by harnessing the power of game technologies. At the ADAS2023 event in Stuttgart, Dimenco showcased its integration with BeamNG, a popular vehicle simulator game, revolutionising the research and development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This groundbreaking collaboration demonstrates the potential for gaming simulations to contribute to safer roads and enhanced driver assistance.

Dimenco's Simulated Reality (SR) Display Technology

Dimenco has been actively touring and demonstrating its SR display technology at various shows since the end of the Covid pandemic. During these events, professional and enthusiast racing drivers have enthusiastically engaged with Dimenco's immersive 3D displays, recognising their ability to surpass traditional 2D screens and provide an authentic driving experience. The eye-tracking 3D display technology accurately represents crucial elements such as braking distance and spacing between vehicles, enabling drivers to utilise their real-life driving skills in the virtual environment.

The Rise of BeamNG in the Gaming Industry, a highly successful "sandbox" vehicle simulation PC game, has gained immense popularity among players and content creators alike. The game's precise simulation of vehicle behaviour, robust modding support, and regular updates have earned it a place among the top 10 simulation games. Prominent YouTubers and streamers have embraced BeamNG, generating entertaining content that showcases crash compilations, stunt challenges, and realistic driving scenarios. This exposure has expanded the game's visibility and attracted a growing community of players.

BeamNG's Contribution to ADAS Development

At the ADAS2023 event in Stuttgart, it was fascinating to witness the integration of game technology like BeamNG into the research and development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. ADAS encompasses a range of technologies aimed at enhancing vehicle safety, improving driver assistance, and advancing towards autonomous driving. BeamNG's advanced soft-body physics modelling sets a new standard in vehicle behaviour authenticity, surpassing the limitations of conventional rigid-body solvers used in the industry. The game's detailed tire, suspension, and powertrain modelling accurately depict damping and vibration behaviour across various vehicle types.

The Future of Gaming Simulation Technologies

Dimenco's collaboration with BeamNG highlights the potential of gaming simulation technologies to deliver driving experiences that closely mirror reality. By leveraging the power of game engines and immersive displays, researchers and developers in the ADAS field can tap into a vast array of data and insights to enhance their systems. Dimenco's next destinations include SIGGRAPH, Gamescom, and the ADAC Simracing Expo, where the company will continue to demonstrate the capabilities of its Simulated Reality display technology and explore further partnerships with game developers and driving enthusiasts.

The successful integration of game technologies like BeamNG with advanced driver assistance systems marks a significant milestone in the quest for safer roads and improved vehicle safety. Dimenco's Simulated Reality display technology, coupled with BeamNG's realistic vehicle behaviour simulation, offers a unique opportunity for researchers and developers to gain valuable insights and refine their ADAS solutions. As gaming simulation technologies continue to evolve, their impact on the future of driving experiences and road safety is undoubtedly promising.

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