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ASUS launches the ProArt Studiobook and Vivobook Pro 3D OLED

Updated: Jan 13

ASUS announced their new ProArt Studiobook and Vivobook Pro 3D OLED laptops, which has the technology to view 3D images without glasses using our Simulated Reality (SR) technology.

ASUS is one of the top recognised brands in the universe and by 2023 they aim to keep up that position with a series of products that it announced during the Consumer Electronic Show(CES) 2023, containing a new range of devices and tools focused on creators.

The company exhibited a range of items, such as gaming monitors, laptops with next-generation processors and graphics, high speed routers together with multiple accessories catered to the most demanding gamers.

ASUS focuses on design with new technologies

For 2023, ASUS also introduced a number of creator-focused innovations, one of the most noteworthy being Spatial Vision, the world's first glasses-free 3D OLED display technology for laptops thanks to our technology SR.

“This glasses-free 3D OLED technology integrates with the exclusive apps in the ASUS Spatial Vision Hub, which allows users to watch 3D videos and movies, play 3D games, and enjoy 3D model visualisation or content creation. ASUS Spatial Vision also provides development tools built on SR (Simulated Reality) from our partner Dimenco with supporting materials and guidelines to equip developers with unlimited potential by covering gesture control, interactive learning, and much more to build a visionary ecosystem around 3D technologies.”


Simulated Reality is a new form of spatial computing that combines lenticular light-field computer vision, integrated sensors, and image processing algorithms, to seamlessly experience realistic 3D objects in a virtual environment.

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