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Nvidia Inception Program


Simulated Reality

3D Display Technology


Turn your ideas into Simulated Reality

Dimenco has been selected by NVIDIA to be part of their Inception Program, an accelerator for promising emerging technologies. The NVIDIA Inception Program aims to support and grow dedicated and exceptional companies who are revolutionising industries. This virtual accelerator program helps new developments during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment.

NVIDIA supports Dimenco with their expertise, a large knowledge databank, community and -of course- with GPU‘s.


" The Dimenco Simulated Reality technology is a significant step in enabling true data immersion for a myriad of users. We at NVIDIA are very excited to be working with Dimenco in using NVIDIA CloudXR to stream immersive content to the Simulated Reality solution and helping change the human-data interaction dynamic."


Greg Jones

Senior manager of global business development for XR and product manager of CloudXR at NVIDIA.

With CloudXR we move the rendering into the cloud, reducing the computing pressure of AI and graphics for Simulated Reality. 


NVIDIA shares the vision of Simulated Reality Display Technology.

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