With CloudXR we move the rendering into the cloud.

We developed the World's Most Advanced 3D Display Technology.



Simulated Reality empowers progressive minds that work in 3D.

Go Visualize.
Next level 3D technology supported by all major visualization tools.

Our Vision.

Why we developed Simulated Reality.

Our main goal is to create an experience that you cannot distinguish from reality. 
Visualizing your ideas in the most natural way, just understanding the fundamentals of how the thing should work and look. Empowered by our next generation 3D display technology you can achieve a lot more in a shorter period of time.

"This is a very big deal"

Charlie Fink

"Truly amazing"

Axel Diehl

"Really cool technology"

Devindra Hardawar

No wearables.
No learning curve.

From advanced displays and Simulated Reality technology, to custom integrations. Our products and solutions have one thing in common: They offer the most natural, intuitive way to interact with 3D visualizations. Without glasses, headsets or wacky equipment.

Video shot by smartphone. No special effects used.


Now available for OEM/ODM


The future of 3D display technology. Ready today. 

Fully developed Spatial Technology ready to be implemented by Original Equipment Manufacturers. (OEM)




The worlds first interactive 3D Light Field 8K display.

The Simulated Reality Development Kit


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Simulated Reality Developments.


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The Simulated Reality Demo Room Europe.

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We're turning science fiction into fact.