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Follow the great tips on our FAQ page to set up a smart and efficient development pipeline, and ultimately ship better and more performant applications

  • What is Simulated Reality?
    Simulated Reality (SR) is a patented technology that creates realistic, multi-dimensional visuals from a flat display without the need to wear glasses. This technology allows viewers to experience content in 3D that you cannot distinguish from reality, as objects appear to pop out of the screen and can be observed from multiple angles. As such SR transforms the 2D interaction of a flat display into a true 3D immersive experience, in a way that was previously only possible with special glasses or in specially designed theaters.
  • What differentiates SR from VR?
    Simulated Reality (SR) is a Display based technology, that allows you to see 3D, similar to 3D with VR glasses. Yet the difference is that with SR you stay in contact with your environment, reducing side effects as motion sickness.
  • Is there a possibility to rent a Simulated Reality screen for evaluation?
    Yes, that is certainly possible, although we do ask a fee. Please contact us via for specific details.
  • Which formats are supported by SR
    Technologies: OpenGL DirectX 11 DirectX 12 Platforms: OpenXR SteamVR Nvidia CloudXR Game engines: Unreal Engine Unity3D 3D File formats: -We support 95% of all 3D file formats, among which: OBJ FBX DAE GLTF STP STL GLB 3DS PTS USD 3D video formats: -We support all key 3D video formats, among which: SBS MP4 mp4, sbs, avi and mkv for videos. For images, png, bmp and jpg
  • What kind of video format does your 3D solution support?
    Side-by-side Stereoscopic 3D in a 7680x2160 format works best, although any side-by-side video in any resolution and aspect ratio should work.
  • How can I enable my application in SR? Do I require a SDK integration?
    Any application can be developed using the SR SDK which gives you most control and freedom. Yet, you can connect with SR via our OpenXR runtime as well, or you can consider using our Unity or Unreal Engine plugins.
  • Can I port my existing application to Simulated Reality?
    In principle, any application you have developed yourself with Unity or Unreal engine can be ported to Simulated Reality using the plugins provided. For other 3D applications, we recommend you contact us via to evaluate the complexity.
  • Which versions of Unity Unreal Engine and Unity do you support?
    We frequently update our Unity and Unreal plugins following their release schedule.
  • Are you open source compliant?
    Our software is currently not completely open-source, however some parts of it have been made publicly available to make it easier to develop Simulated Reality applications.
  • What operating systems does the SR SDK support?
    Our software currently only supports Windows.
  • What does the SR SDK include?
    The SR SDK includes development tools for developing Simulated Reality applications, this includes libraries and headers providing access to the Simulated Reality API plus examples and documentation to get you started.
  • What functionalities does our API include?
    Our SR SDK currently provides access to APIs for eye-tracking, hand-tracking and tools for visualizing objects using Simulated Reality.
  • How can I download the SR SDK?
    Our SDK can be downloaded via
  • Are there any (pre installed) SR applications?
    Yes, our SR platform is accomplished with several applications, such as: SR Hub: Overall navigation SR Model viewer: All 3D models SR Player: All 3D movies These applications can be customised on request for OEM's
  • What are the hardware requirements for an SR Display
    The system to render two images we recommend a stronger GPU and CPU. For a 4K screen we would recommend: Desktop CPU - Intel® Core™ i7 (or higher) GPU - NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 2080 (or higher) Laptop CPU - Intel® Core™ i7 (or higher) GPU - NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 3070ti (or higher)
  • Can I connect a keyboard & mouse?
    Yes, you can and it is highly recommended for developing applications.
  • Can I connect my headphones?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I still use 2D functionalities?
    Yes, you can switch from 2D to 3D and vice versa.
  • What’s the maximum viewing depth of the display?
    There is no theoretical limit, although not all depths will look and feel comfortable. Most of our applications have a 3D strength slider, that allows the user to accommodate the 3D strength (and depth) to his or her preferred comfort level.
  • What is the best viewing distance?
    We advise a viewing distance of 70 cm.
  • How can I place an order?
    If you have interest in purchasing a SR Pro display please message
  • What about customs duties and VAT?
    The purchase price excludes taxes and fees but includes shipment duties for North America and EU.
  • What does the hardware warranty cover?
    We warrant for a period of twelve (12) months according to the general terms and conditions.
  • How can I get in touch for additional support?
    Please send your questions to We always try to answer within 1 business day.

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