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SR Use-Cases


Breaking free from 2D constraints with 3D drawing in Simulated Reality

The magic of bringing your 3D art to life in Simulated Reality

Andry, also known as Dedouze, is a self-taught illustrator and animation hobbyist who became a full-time freelancer. He has been noticed by professionals in music, TV, and movie industries, who commissioned him for illustrations, storyboards, and animations. Andry found Blender his perfect tool for animation and its Grease Pencil, a software that allows him to mix 2D and 3D animation in one single artwork. The Grease Pencil tool provides a unique look to the animation and the advantage of drawing directly into the 3D scene. Andry uses a signature color palette for all his drawings, and his composition process is inspired by his daily life and the movies and TV series he watches.

Simulated Reality helps me to immersive myself in the artworks that I create.

Andry Rasoahaingo - Dedouze

SR technology provides an unmatched resolution and brightness, creating an unparalleled immersive 3D experience without the need for glasses.

Simulated Reality

The new standard in 3D stereoscopic displays

With SR, you can see and interact with 3D content on a screen like never before and is available from some of the most reputable global brands.

Explore all available and upcoming products. Built on SR Display technology.

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