Shot by camera. No special effects used.

Fully developed Lenticular 3D Display Technology ready to be implemented by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
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Built on SR

Patented lenticular technology that will leapfrog your product.
Simulated Reality is a new form of spatial computing that combines lenticular light-field computer vision, integrated sensors and image processing algorithms, to seamlessly experience realistic 3D objects in a virtual environment.

The display produces an autostereoscopic 3D image, combining volumetric lenticular lens technology with full immersive 3D content. Dimenco's unique bonding process produces a total optical lens stack of only 1.5 mm​.



“I was watching a couple of 3D objects.
As I turned left and right, I can see around them.
Really cool technology from Dimenco.
I’ve never seen this in a laptop before."

Devindra Hardawar

Senior Editor

Full 3D Look-around without wearables.
SR Core eye-tracking technology uses vision sensors and face recognition algorithms to enable super high precision spatial reality experiences, which give the user a full look-around view of the 3D object from all angles.
Up to 8K resolution.

With a resolution up to 8K in 60 fps, Simulated Reality will turn any content into the most natural, seamless and immersive experience displaying 3D visuals with unbelievable depth and realism like never seen before.

Patented switchable display technology.

Groove alignment in patented switchable liquid crystal lens technology allow the user to easily switch between 2D and 3D views, making it possible set the screen to native display resolution or switch to full immersion.


The power of visualization.
(from every angle)

When it comes to visualization, we don’t want anything to get in the way of an engaging natural experience. That’s why our Built On SR  technology eliminates the use for any wearables, uncomfortable headsets and any other gadgets that put a barrier between you and your experience.

Simulated Reality
  • Zero friction

  • No headgear

  • Natural user experience

  • Optimum hygiene factor
    (over other XR technologies)


Eye Sensing Technology

The unique Built on SR eye-sensing technology uses high-speed vision sensors and face tracking algorithms to enable super immersive and natural experiences that are far beyond conventional 3D displays on the market. Built on SR  technology allows the user to look around any virtual object like never before.


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A totally new experience

for your product line.

Fully developed spatial display technology ready for implementation in your product today.

For OEM and ODM only

The Built on SR  technology is fully developed and ready to be implemented in any product with a display. First new OEM devices built on Simulated Reality Technology are scheduled to be launched in Q4 2021.